The Snowman Artwork


Welcome to my Snowman Artwork website!  I’m an avid collector of original artwork produced for the 1982 animated feature film The Snowman.  Ever since being a child I remember each and every year snuggling up on Christmas Eve with a hot chocolate and mince pie to watch, as if each year for the first time, the wonderful, magical film that is the Snowman.

If you worked as an artist on the production; or if you know someone who worked on the film or perhaps if you are fortunate enough to own artwork from the feature film yourself then please do get in touch.  I’d be very interested in offering you a price for your item(s).

Please feel free to browse my site to learn more about the wonderful feature film; the author Raymond Briggs and the types of artwork which were created during the production of the animated film.

You can also view our sister website where you can browse a range of Snowman ceramics for sale.

If you own any original Snowman artwork and would like to offer it for sale then please do get in touch by clicking here

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