The Snowman Artwork

Types of Snowman Artwork

Snowman Artwork Definitions

Cel or ‘Celluloid’
A sheet of clear acetate or nitrate which is hand-painted and then placed over a background and photographed.  The outline of the character (hand-painted or Xeroxed) is applied to the front of the cel.  The colours are hand-painted onto the back of the cel.

Cel Set-Up
A combination of two or more production cel levels. On our site, set-ups are simply called production cel regardless of the numbers of levels.  The individual cels for a cel set-up do not necessarily appear at the same time when traced in the film.  Sometimes, the cels are placed together in a set-up to maximize the aesthetic effect of the piece.  Cel set-ups are without a production  background and usually come with a reproduction or custom background.  If the set-up includes a production background, it is termed a master set-up or a key master set-up.

Colour Model/Colour Test
A cel created by the Ink and Paint department for accurate colour-referencing  during production.  Colour test cels have colours different than the final characters.

Animation Drawing
Refers to an original, one-of-a-kind production drawings created by an  animator from which the cels are later created.

Rough Drawing
Production drawing done by an animator to indicate the position and pose of the  character.  Later, a clean-up drawing is created by referring to, or drawing directly over,  the rough. The cels are then created by tracing or xeroxing over these drawings.

Clean Up Drawing
Production drawing done by referring to the rough drawing. From these drawings, the cels are then created.

Key Drawing
Production drawing done by the head or lead animator. The “key” is a small chart on the side that indicates the beginning and ending of the movement as well as an indicator as to the speed in the timeline.

Colour Reference Drawing
Production drawing which is coloured in various sections with notes pertaining to the paint colours to be used by the ink and paint department. These are pretty rare.

Layout Drawing
Very detailed production drawings depicting master backgrounds, or showing camera  movements with sketchy indications of the placement of the characters.

Model Sheet
The original drawings that were used to create photostats. They are original pencil drawings of a character usually shown in several different positions or from various angles.

Concept Drawing
A drawing that was created during the development of a character. Often, these pieces will not closely resemble the final character. They can be done in a variety of mediums: pencil, ink, pastels, etc.

A series of complex production drawings, each depicting a mini-scene, which are  created while defining the storyline of the film. Sometimes found in sets or a number of them were done on complete pages. If very small, are often referred to as “thumbnail.”

Key Master (Matching) Set Up
A production cel or cels paired with their original matching production background as they  appeared at the same moment in the actual film.

Master Set Up
A production cel or cels are paired with a production background from the same film, but they do  not appear together in the film at the same moment.

Master Background
A production background created for use in the production film and not accompanied with a cel.

Edited Pre-Production Background
The production background does not appeear in the film because it was edited and removed from the final cut.

Character Drawing
An original drawing hand-done by the character’s creator for someone, most commonly a request from a fan.  They are usually signed and sometimes dedicated.  These were not used in the production of the film, but are still extremely collectable.